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Routine questions

Routine questions and prescription refills are best addressed by messaging through NorthShoreConnect. If you have not already signed up with this remarkable program that allows you access to significant portions of your NorthShore University HealthSystem (NorthShore) chart, then you should ask about it on your next visit to the office. This links your message directly with your chart, so that we have all the information available needed to properly answer your questions.

We ask that you not page us after hours for routine non-urgent questions or prescription refills.

Please do not use regular e-mail (like this Contact Us form) for any medical or emergency issues. Please do not use NorthShoreConnect for any urgent or emergency issues. Please call the office or 911 for urgent or emergent issues.

Electronic messaging through NorthShoreConnect is ideally suited for any non-urgent medical question, and is meant to replace routine phone calls, refill requests, recommendations for referrals, and simple questions. You can also use the system to make an appointment to be seen for an office visit. Just as you become frustrated by constant phone tag, so do we, so hopefully this addition to our practice will help us both. Electronic messaging must be limited to short, easy issues. It is not a substitute for an office visit or intended as a mode of diagnosing a disease or condition.